Industry 4.0 has been enabled by advances in electronics such as memory and the internet of things, but the electronics industry is also profiting from the digital transformation that these technologies are enabling elsewhere. 

Electronics companies have turned recent progress into what’s now known as the industrial internet of things (IIoT), or Industry 4.0, by combining physical manufacturing operations with big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as other technologies that support real-time automation and information gathering. 


To remain competitive and innovative, electronic manufacturing companies require transparency and complete visibility into their own operating models, as well as those of their suppliers and distributors. Industry 4.0 can assist companies in achieving that holistic picture by providing the essential technological blocks as well as the necessary data to support critical business operations and choices for successful digital transformation. 


It’s a chance for electronics firms who embrace Industry 4.0 to thread information across their entire supply chain, from initial design to final client. People and robots can build a feedback loop that improves each stage of the design, manufacturing, and distribution life cycle with a constant flow of information that represents real-world goods and processes. This loop must also include partners and suppliers that can provide important technology blocks to fulfil specific goals like enhancing manufacturing equipment, collecting real-time data from the factory floor, product design, and product verification and testing. 


Regardless of where electronics manufacturing stands on the spectrum, or even where they fall in the middle, digital transformation is not a one-time project. Adopting an Industry 4.0 attitude also means adopting a philosophy of continuous learning about how to improve manufacturing, supply chain management, and product distribution. 

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