Introducing Cloudvidia

the reachable Industry 4.0

We conceived Cloudvidia to serve as the visionary partner to the small-medium manufacturer, delivering a tapestry of solutions that elevates their manufacturing operations to Industry 4.0 standing, without the industrial conglomerate price tag.  Leveraging the expertise from an experienced founding team and a network of tier-one Industry 4.0 technology vendors, we work consultatively with our clients to design and deploy Smart Factory technology in an innovative business model that mitigates front-end investment challenges bringing leading edge industrial automation into the reach of any size and scale manufacturing operation.

Corporate Values

At Cloudvidia, we view the opportunity to execute our business vision as a privilege and therefore work to build and maintain a bright, positive, and uplifting corporate  culture founded on the following values


No task or aspect of the work we do is so small or large that it gets done without integrity, transparency, accountability. Integrity in the drive for excellence is fundamental to our work.


Our teams achieve amazing results because we respect each other holistically, at the same time that we hold each other responsible for spinning down gossip, discouraging politics and for constructively guiding each other away from disrespectful behavior.


We are honest, progressive and truthful among ourselves and with out clients. Always.


We practice total inclusion, abhorring intolerance and discrimination of any kind.  We leverage our differences to grow as a team, collaborating and innovating to deliver ever better breakthroughs for our clients.


Each of us works with a clearly defined role, responsibility and authority profile defined and agreed to collaboratively to foster forward thinking, teamwork, and ownership of our sphere of excellence.

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