Innovation in Use of Technology and Business Models to Transform your Operation

As a visionary partner to small-medium manufacturers, we deliver solutions that elevate your manufacturing operation to Industry 4.0 standing, without the industrial conglomerate price tag.  Leveraging the expertise from an experienced founding team and a network of tier-one Industry 4.0 technology vendors, we design and deploy Smart Factory where both technology and business models are integral parts of the innovative solutions we deliver to any size and scale of manufacturing operation.

Cloudvidia solutions are unique in many ways:

  • Deployment and lifecycle costs are better aligned with constraints for small-medium size manufacturing operations, eliminating the need for debt financing or major investments
  • They are customized and tailored to the specific needs and priorities of each client despite being founded on a modular framework which shortens deployment dramatically
  • Deliver shorter time-to-customer than traditional implementations by industrial system integrators
  • Apply a phased Implementation approach delivering instant dashboards and metrics quickly; and as data sets accumulate, predictive analytics and other AI features added
  • Employ AI and ML based solutions

Production Line Data Systems

Production lines are the beating hearts of discrete manufacturing plants.  Yet only a small percentage of them are even modestly managed to maximize output, yield, resource utilization, floor space and other key performance indicators.  Our production line data and management systems provide

  • Dashboards with selections of KPIs configured to match each management role
  • Real-time data ingestion, analysis, and visualization
  • Data lake implementation to feed predictive analytics
  • Onboarding of new and legacy production equipment

Digital Warehousing

As global manufacturing regionalizes, the supply chain becomes more complex adding to the already difficult task of managing raw-materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods inventories.  Our digital warehousing systems deliver

  • Reduction in carrying costs without impact on manufacturing resilience
  • Improvement in receiving, picking, and packing efficiencies
  • Enhancement in inventory accuracy
  • Turnover improvement focused on firmware reflash avoidance

Predictive Analytics

As the data lake from your digitally transformed operation grows, it becomes possible to derive analysis and predictions enabling your business to calibrate batches, personnel shifts, line setup and teardown, ordering and material movement. When this phase of implementation is enabled, material changes in KPI’s including those related with quality and costs are observed from the following

  • Selection and feeding of continuous improvement programs
  • Detection of seasonality and influencing factors on supply and demand
  • Operation-wide stress mapping and insights
  • Cash flow and financial simulations

Predictive Maintenance

Production line, quality control, and warehouse equipment maintenance is vital for manufacturing operations planning.  But as discrete manufacturing becomes more complex, involving ever larger numbers of manufacturing line and quality control equipment, maintenance becomes a clear potential point of failure for the operation.  Managerial predictive maintenance solution elements include

  • Simplified metrics with maintenance proposals including impact analysis
  • Asset health and replacement planning
  • Asset utilization and redundancy recommendations
  • Operational point-of-failure analysis and mitigation planning

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