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We work consultatively with our clients to configure our unique Smart Factory Software as a Service technology and deploy the solution into innovative business models, mitigating front-end investment challenges that keep the game-changing power of Industry 4.0 out of reach from all but mega manufacturing complexes.


Manufacturers large and small must embrace Industry 4.0 to start operating at peak performance while keeping the workforce and bottom-line safe and healthy.  Our solutions help these businesses join the Smart Manufacturing movement to take part in the dawning era of in-region manufacturing and production.

Production Line Data Systems

In discrete manufacturing, our experts design systems, processes, operating guidelines to feed foundational, real-time data from the shop floor into comprehensive, yet simple to visualize decision-making dashboards that you rely on for planning and management.

Digital Warehousing

The digital transformation of warehousing is delivering some of the most significant cost reductions in the new manufacturing paradigm.  Our solutions ensure your revamped management processes for raw materials, work in progress and finished goods inventories deliver expedience while reducing carrying costs, physical space area and personnel demands.

Predictive Analytics & Advanced Simulations

Complex systems, like modern manufacturing are made materially more reliable when managers can leverage solutions allowing them to peer into the future and glean insights to help with topics like redundancy planning, capacity shifts and retooling.

Predictive Maintenance

Planning the removal of production line and warehouse equipment for maintenance is more complex than it appears.  Predictive maintenance must look beyond MTB for the piece of equipment and consider the manufacturing and warehousing operations holistically to deliver peak efficiency and competitiveness.

manufacturing in the new reality

Why high-tech manufacturing must reach the full spectrum of factory sizes and types

The 2020 World Economic Forum concluded that small, independent manufacturers could be crucial to reshaping industry in the starting decade. The global health and economic crises have combinedly, all but indicted the hub-spoke industrial model kicked off by the advent of containerized cargo in the 1950’s. Small independent manufacturers across consuming regions are crucial resources to restoring resilience to the economic fabric and mitigating the impact of similar crisis in the future. These small and medium manufacturers, particularly serving the high-tech sector, must embrace Industry 4.0 technology immediately. They must start adopting Smart Manufacturing to integrate this new era of in-region manufacturing and production. They need to maximize use of accessible technology to make them more, keep employees safe, ensure business won’t be disrupted and be prepared for the likely wave of new regulatory changes.

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Internet of Things
Internet of Things

IoT is revolutionizing manufacturing by enabling real-time visibility into aspects of the process which either could not be considered before or had to be approximated from actuarial tables or models. The IoT data lake available for smart manufacturing grows daily at an extraordinary rate.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Machine learning is a natural fit for production processes. In Smart Manufacturing, ML delivers evaluation of data collected during production processes used to adapt changes continuously, individual processes become better linked and optimized.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

As on-demand manufacturing increases in complexity from new commercial requirements and regulatory constraints along with growth in actionable real-time data from the IoT, artificial intelligence becomes a necessity for smart manufacturing systems.


Manufacturing equipment relies on high-speed low latency data networking until now only delivered by hard cabling or specialized wireless solutions. 5G changes all that exceeding wired and nice wireless standards cutting the cord on the factory floor.

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